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Sponsorship & Agencies

(Foreign Companies Only)
We provide Sponsorship Services/Agency to Foreign Companies to establish their business in Kuwait. The Sponsorship/Agencies provides maximum freedom to the foreign companies to carry out their day-to-day activities more efficiently. The Sponsors do not involve in micro-management of business operations and thus allow the business to run efficiently and more effectively. We are always seeking strategic and long-term partnerships with international organizations

Why Choose AL SHAHEEN?

  • We provide A to Z Business Setup Services.
  • We provide 100% confidentiality to all our clients.
  • We provide a dedicated account manager (if required)
  • We will authorize to open a bank account after approval from KCCI (Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
  • The Sponsorship/Agencies agreement to be signed & attested by KCCI & Respective Embassy in Kuwait (Vise Versa)

What Are the Advantages of Sponsorship / Agency Services?

We are providing sponsorship/Agency for foreign companies with protection to the overall business. The sponsorship provides better efficiency to the overall business functions that do not require the approval or signature of the Local Kuwaiti Partner for every task. Our PRO (Public Relation Officer) is capable to handle the documentation work and approval process by Authorized Team. The Company can have the freedom to make independent business even can open a Bank account with help of Sponsorship/agency Contract.

Our services are included with Entry VISA (Known as COMMERCIAL VISIT VISA Article # 14C, Valid for 1 month) Work Visa (Article # 18) & Govt. Visa (For Projects only) enabling the employees to work in Kuwait. After arrival in Kuwait, we will provide an Iqama (Residency from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOA) is known as the “Civil ID CARD”, which is both a computer-generated Plastic Card and a Mobile application that has the main information of the resident and the validity of his/her residency.

We provide all admin support, accounting, Payroll services to meet local Labour Law and client regulations and policies. Also provides workman’s compensation insurance, general worksite liability insurance, medical insurance (If required)

We would like to discuss about Sponsorship / Agency opportunities.

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