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We provide sponsorship services for foreign companies
We provide work visa services for foreign companies
We provide local visa transfer services for foreign companies

Our corporation is strongly active in the field of Sponsorship & Commercial Agencies in Kuwait Market. We recently evolved Sponsorship & Agencies division.

We provide sponsorship services to Foreign Companies to establish their business in Kuwait. Our service include with Entry VISA (Valid 1 month after entry in Kuwait), Work Visa (Article 18) & Govt. Visa (For Projects only) enabling the employees to work in Kuwait. & Local Transfer visa from old sponsor to new sponsor.

We provide all admin support, accounting payroll services to meet local Labour Law and client regulations and policies. Also provides workman’s compensation insurance, general worksite liability insurance, medical insurance.(If required) We Provide Travel & Ticketing includes, but is not limited to supply of Airline Ticket to and from point of origin, Govt. Projects ticket (GP) in accordance with Host Nation laws for regular leaves and emergency leaves.

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