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Key Client

1 Civil Work
Interior Work
Electrical Work
Manpower Supply Services
Rental Equipment
Subiya CCGT Power Plant
Civil Work (Painting, Sealant & Tile works
(Contract Ref. # B09031-A028)
Civil, Interior & Building Work.  
(Contract Ref. # SW-E-137)
Electrical Termination Work
(Contract Ref. # ENI-2013-01-03)
Electrical & Instrumentation Work.
(Contract Ref. # AZN-E&I-MP-005 & B1201A-A006)
2 Mechanical GRP/GRV Pipe.
Firefighting ( Ductile Pipe )
Shuwaikh RO Power Plant GRP/GRV Pipe Installation in Chlorination & DAF Sludge Treatment System.
(Contract Ref. #: DHI/SHK.R.O./ME/SA-008)
Installation of firefighting pipe line (Ductile type ) from firefighting pump discharge to ring main pipe/Hydro-test & rapping
(Contract Ref. #23-April-2012)

Mechanical - Eddy current    Testing.

Civil-Refectory Work

Subiya Power Plant.

Doha West Power Station

Eddy current  testing for distiller tubes  in Heat recovery Area, Material : CUNI 7030
(Contract Ref. #: 246/2013)
Installation of Refractory cast able at Heat Burners
(Contract Ref. #:A969282.959)
4 Civil Work
Electrical Work
Minagish –B Sub Station Supply & Construction of new 132/33/11 KV Electrical Sub Station at SUG. 
(Contract Ref. #: JO/HC117/PG10)
5   Civil Work Sulaibiya Project
Project No: 3941-KWT/2013-074
Civil Design & Construction Work for 132kV GIB repair & Additional Restore Installation & restoration walking platform.
(Contract Ref. #: SA/4541/KWT/001)
6 Civil Work
Mechanical Work
Subiya Power plant Civil Work, Sand Blasting & Painting Work.
(Contract Ref. #: 462/2014) Maintenance of Gas Scrubber, Valves & Reducing Station, Painting & Sandblasting for Gas Scrubber & Reducing Station, Repairer of 3 # of drain pits.
(Contract Ref. #: 94/2013)
7 Civil Work Kuwait Tower Civil Maintenance Work (Supply & Installation)
Project No: ME/EW/C/3485-2006/2007
(Contract Ref. #: 3485-PV-KWT/2013-003)
8 Mechanical Work
Manpower Supply Services
Az-zour CCGT Power   Project
Subiya CCGT Power   Project
Installation of Erection & Fabrication, for Black steel Pipe SCH40-80-100-160
Manpower Supply Services.          
(Contract Ref. #: ASTC-JEL-1002 & ASTC-JEL-1201)
9 Electrical  Work Kaifan. Project # C-560107
Sabah Hospital
Al Sabah Cardiac Center,  C-560110
Electrical works in multipurpose building for Kuwait University, (Molecular Institute) located
(Contract Ref. #: C-560110)
(Contract Ref. #: C-560110)
10 Manpower Supply Services
Civil Work
Mechanical Work
Electrical Work
SPO office.
Various Substation in Kuwait
Manpower Supply Services.
(Contract Ref. #: 4505048676)
Warehouse Maintenance Work/Location CCSO                       
(Contract Ref. #: 450504953447)
Erection of 132 & 11 kv control & Protection panels for GIS, telemetry transfer blocks (TTB Panels) & ACDB & DCDB panels
11 Manpower Supply Services Town DCC & Various S/Stations Manpower Supply Services
(Contract Ref. #: 6303)
12 Civil Work KOTC LPG New Filling Plant. Cementitious Water Proofing Work, Fluid      Applied Water Proofing Work.
Contract Ref. #: HENC-SUB-PO-216.
13 Electrical Work.
Manpower Supply Services
Sabah Al Ahmed City.
Subiya CCGT Power Project.
Sabah Al Ahmed 2Z / Station.
Cable Termination Work 132/11 KV Sub Station.                                               
(Contract Ref. #: NCC/4435/WO-44/498)
Manpower Supply Services                 
(Contract Ref. #: NCC/CD/34901-34902/MPC-007)
Erection of 400/132/11 KV Sub Station.         
Contract Ref. #: NCC/4432/WO-45/556.
14 Supply of Materials
Rental Heavy Equipment
AZ Zour CCGT Supply of Materials & Rental Heavy Equipment
(Contract Ref. #:  4100447315 / 0)
15 Manpower Supply Services Human Resource Services Supply of Human Resource Services
(Contract Ref. #: ASTC-IMF-14-01)
16 Civil Work
Electrical Work
Mechanical Work
Salmiya Branch New Kirby Class Room
Civil Maintenance Work
Mechanical, Plumbing Maintenance Work
(Contract Ref. #:ICSKB/KIRBY/F-LAB-2015)
17 Mechanical Work E-96 Project Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Steel Platform and Valve Extension spindles in Chambers, from DMC to Wafra Farms with the Communication Lines.                                                        
(Contract Ref. #: SC/SE96/WAFRA-/008/0019)
18 Electrical Work
Mechanical Work
Rental Equipment
Subiya Power Plant
Subiya EPP Power  Project
Az-Zour South Combined# 3003.
Supply of Installation of Aluminum cable tray cover, sheet size 1.0mm for 054
(Contract Ref #.20/07/2009)
Fencing work with wire strip top & bottom with fence stiffeners (brasses)
(Contract Ref. #: SO-SUBIYA/0709/09)
Supply of Rental Light Construction Equipment
(Contract Ref. #: SO-SUBIYA/0713/09)
19 Manpower Supply Services Shuiaba North Co-Generation Power & Desalination Plant Manpower Supply Services
(Contract Ref. #: MEW/C/3656-2007/2008)
20  Various Type of Material Supply Camp Arifjan/Buring & KNB Supply of various type of materials for Camp Arifjan Kuwait
(Contract Ref. #: 2010-0693)

Manpower Supply Services
Rental Heavy Equipment
Shuaiba North Gas Turbine Co
Gen. Power & Distillations
Plants. Mina Shuaiba
Causeway Project,   Subiya
Bubiyan Sea Port Project, Phase 1, Stage 2,
KOC1 Pipe line project
Supply of Human Resource Services>
(Contract Ref. #: KUSCA-L-009)
Supply of Rental Heavy Equipment
Pipe Unloading work, Matla, Kadma Area
(Contract Ref. #: ASTC/HDEC/KOC1-10-01. ASTC/HDEC/KOCI-1201)
Mechanical Work SSPS Project Replacement of Control Valves for Turbine at SSPS
(Contract Ref. #: P-191/10V-S1)
Manpower Supply Services CCGT Shuwaikh  R.O  Plant Project Supply of Human Resource Services
(Contract Ref. #: PO-37-10/01)
24 Mechanical Work
Electrical Work
AL Kout Mall
GEANT Super Market (Sulaibiya)
Mechanical Maintenance Work (Hydrant Pump & Over Hauling)
(Contract Ref. #: ALK-MNT-014)
Electrical Work Valid Parking & Cabin.
(Contract Ref. #: 360-MNT-101)
Supply & Installation of PVC pipe & other electrical work.
(Contract Ref. #: SSKT-MNT-005)
25 Manpower Supply Services University Project Manpower Supply Services
(Contract Ref. #: SPCL/ASTC-SC/016)
26 Mechanical Work Shuwaikh Factory Steel Tank Blast & Apply Resin Coat
(Contract Ref. #: 1064)
27 Civil  Work Subiya Power Project Replacement of Agricultural soil & Installation of Grass at the area above 275kv cable root, agricultural area
(Contract Ref. #: PO-0057/02-02-2010)
28 Civil Work KOTC LPG new Filling Plant Project Cementitious Water Proofing Work, Master seal 550 (BASF)
(Contract Ref. #: 20130831-1)
29 Mechanical Work Various Location Installation of security Fence for Pipeline Corridor from North Tank Farm to North Pier
(Contract Ref. #:D-28/08/2010)
Supply of Materials Free Trade Zone, Shuwaikh Supply of various type of material
31 Manpower Supply Services Kuwait Cement Factory, Shuwaiba Supply of Technical Personnel for (KCC) inside
(Contract Ref. #: ASTC-ABC-1001)
32 Executive Food & Accommodation Kuwait Cement Factory
Fahaheel, Kuwait
Supply of catering services
Contract Ref. #: COMM-SUBCO/FRM-2
Supply of Manpower Services Mina Saud Az-zour Supply of Technical Personnel for JV M/s Abu Hamada Intl
(Contract Ref. #:273R & 268)
34 Supply of Manpower Subiya CCGT Power Project Manpower Supply Services.
(Contract Ref. # SAB88/118/3/2010)
35 Civil-Building & Finishing Subiya CCGT Power   Plant Civil, Building & Finishing (Block/Paint /Interior & Others.)
(Contract Ref. #: B09031-A-005)
36 Rental Heavy  Equipment Shuaiba Oxygen Plant Supply of Rental Heavy Equipment
(Contract Ref #: PO#SO/076/16 & PO#SO/060/16)
37 Civil Work
Mechanical Work
Jaber Al Ahmed Intl. Stadium Sand blasting surface preparation of concrete soffit/Concrete Surface prepared to a profile of CSP-3
(Contract Ref. #: ST417962)
38 Mechanical & HVAC Work New Jahra Hospital Chilled water piping installation
(Contract Ref. #: ASTC-Q-DAE-1603R1)
39 Civil Works
Mechanical Abrasive Blasting
Subiya Power Plant.
Water distillation plant, Shuwaikh
Repair of Civil works near DC6 building
Repair of Caved between D#3 & D#4.
(Contract Ref. #: 94/2013)
Abrasive blasting and painting for stage 24
(Contract Ref. #: 198/2013)
40 Site Temporary Facilities & Civil Construction Work
Supply of Heavy Equipment
Al Zour (CCGT-3) Power Plant Site Temporary Facilities Construction.                       
(Contract Ref : KW.001-SS-06-00)
Heavy Equipment’s Supply              
(Contract Ref : KW001-SR-20170618)
41 Site Temporary Office and Accommodation Facilities Construction (Turnkey Project) South Al-Mutla Housing Project
Temporary Accommodation & Office Facilities (Package I)
(Contract Ref : AAMCO-ASTC-1705
42 Site Temporary Office Facilities, Fabrication & Erection of Prefabricated Buildings  construction(Turnkey Project ) RA 256 Project in South Surra-Kuwait Temporary Accommodation & Offices facilities
(Contract Ref.#
43 Civil Maintenance Work The Avenue Mall – Kuwait Civil Maintenance Work
(Contract Ref.#  00040-1700)
44  GE GRID Solutions Supply of Manpower Rental Equipment Project-Kuwait/MEW/Telecom Electrical Maintenance Work/ MEW5074 Construction of Microwave links/ Supply of Technicians for various Sub Stations Maintenance & Rental Equipment
(Contract Ref.#  6303-4500975411)
45  Kuwait Oil Company Electro Mechanical & Civil Work Shelters At Chemical Yard -3 (KOC) Civil Maintenance Work Design, Supply and Installation of Steel Structure K Span Shelters, Curbstone Modification, Interlock Pavement , Handrails and Concrete Steps
(Contract Ref.#  18052370)
46  WORKO General Trading & Cont. Co Supply of Manpower Scaffolding Work Al Zour Substation & 7SS Sub Station Maintenance Work Supply of Technicians for various Sub Stations Maintenance work
(Contract # ASTC-WORKO-1705)
47  TOSHIBA Transmission & Distribution Systems Supply of Manpower Rental Equipment Al Zour Sub-Station Sub Station Maintenance Work Supply of Technicians & rental Equipment
(Contract # TG-K-ALSHAHEEN-003)
(Contract # TG-K-ALSHAHEEN-005)
(Contract # TG-K-ALSHAHEEN-005-A)
48  Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Co. Electro Mechanical & Civil Work KIPIC At Zour School Electro-Mechanical & Civil Work Supply & Install K-Span Car Park Shelter At Al-Zour School
(Contract Ref.#:CZ/GS/027)
49  Hyundai Eng. & Const. Company Ltd.  Supply of Manpower Rental Equipment Al Zour LAYDOWN Area Supply of Manpower & Rental Equipment for KIPIC Project.
(Contract #: LNGI-HEC-ADMIN-129/18)
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