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MD’s Message

Mr. Kazi Iqbal Hussain

(Managing Director)

Over the past 10 years, the State of Kuwait witnessed and was blessed with unprecedented growth in the country’s pursuit of progress. The growing economy fueled the development of various sectors.

As a Civil and Electro-Mechanical Contracting Company, ASTC was established based on legacy, Integrity, Honesty,
Trustworthiness and Commitment to Quality & Safety, our teamwork forms its core values and ideas. Today, we remain devoted to the same principles and objectives that have driven our success over the past 10 years.

A wide spectrum of our activities have gone in tandum with rapid development of the state of Kuwait, we have been a part of various projects undertaken and completed. We never compromise on Quality, productivity, timely completion of the projects. We invest in Human Resource Development and have a strong commitment to clients satisfaction.

We trust & believe in clients & contractor’s relationship.

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